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» Sorry about no updates

I’ve recently had my wisdom teeth pulled, so I’ve been sleeping for the past three days. I’m well enough to get back in the saddle to draw today, so hopefully updates will come this weekend! Thank you for your patience!


Sorry for the absence, I was also away learning how to 3D model.

"Good honeymoon idea?"

"Oh yeah."

[ While they’re away, this blog is left in the hands of their friends. Have fun. ]

Dudes, I’m just getting annoyed at this point. Seriously, I’m not going to take M!As on this, I’m not going to answer any more asks like this. Please stop sending these. 

Anon is disabled until further notice.

"Honestly…I’m happy just having her here. And if our friends want kids, they can have kids, I don’t think we need to have them just so they can too."

I chose to answer this one in particular because come on people, they don’t want kids right now, I’m not going to bother with giving them kids right now. They’re happy where they are.

Really though. Please, just stop sending these questions because I’m not going to answer them. I’ve gotten so many in the past day and its just frustrating at this point.

alienapparatus replied to your post: You guys do realise its possible to ha…

Oh my god thank you. My girlfriend and I are very decidedly not having children and it bugs me that some people think we won’t have a family otherwise.


All you need to have a family is love. Friends can be family. Lovers can be family. Honestly, family is what you make it, and regardless of what that is, you are still a family! I consider many of my friends family, hell, I’ve built a family with friends alone. 

A family isn’t built on marriage or kids or anything like that, its built on love. That’s what families are about.

You guys do realise its possible to have a family without having children, right?

"Why start something we already have?"

Everything I have ever done has led up to this moment.

Thank you, everyone.